06 March 2012

Printer users who usually buy new cartridges are trying to save money by refilling existing ones.

The upward trend is for printer owners to refill their existing ink and toner cartridges instead of buying brand new ones.  Saving money seems to be the name of the game in these continually tough times of increasing unemployment and tax squeezes.
As household budges become tighter, so does the amount of expendable income.  Because printer ink can be expensive to buy for certain printers, some people are going down the refilling route, drilling small holes and injecting refill ink into their original cartridges.
Sadly it is not possible to refill all cartridges successfully due to the presence of a smart chip or ink level management software that prevenets a cartridge from being used a second time.  In such cases it can be cheaper to purchase a new printer and start again!  For example Advent printer cartridges cannot be refilled and no compatible versions currently exist.
Fortunately there are many printers that use tanks that can be refilled successfully!  In particular HP cartridges using our Eco-Fill refill kits at https://premium-inks.com/collections/ecofill-hp-professional-refill-kits , certain Canon cartridges that contain a built-in print head also using Eco-Fill refill kits at https://www.printercartridges.net/printercartridgesstore/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=120_121
Premium Inks also stock a wide variety of refillable cartridges for Brother, Canon, Epson, and HP cartridges that contain auto reset chips arc.  These can be found at https://premium-inks.com/collections/eco-fill-professional-refill-kits-for-canon-and-hp-printers
In many cases ordinary compatible cartridges are cheap so refilling is not really necessary.  We stock a wide variety of ink cartridges at out main store https://www.premium-inks.com  Buy from there today and get them tomorrow!

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