10 November 2016

Epson Fatal Error Code 0xF1, 0xEA ,0xE8, 0xE1 - Noises from Printer!

Are you getting one of the following Epson error codes... 0xF1, 0xEA, 0xE8, 0xE1 while trying to set-up a new printer.  Even before you install the ink cartridges you are getting mechanical problems and the carriage is not moving freely. Maybe you can hear some grinding noises.  The printer may even display 'paper jam' when there is no paper in the printer.
There can be a simple explanation to these problems.  Some of the blue packing tapes have not been removed from the printer during installation!
If the problem has suddenly occurred to a previously working printer then do the following...
Switch off the printer and remove the power cable.  Open the top cover and look inside to see if there is any paper jammed preventing the printer head from freely moving right to left.  Additionally, check that the ink cartridges are pushed down correctly. Afterwards, plug in and switch on the printer to try to make a copy.
If your printer has an ADF (automatic document feeder) then also check this for a paper jam.
Hopefully, you will resolve the problem with your printer, and in the near future will require some replacement cartridges.  Have you considered buying Refillable Cartridges for Epson Printers?  Refillable cartridges are reusable and can be refilled again and again, saving on landfill!  We stock a wide range of empty refillable cartridges for Epson Expression Home, Premium, Photo, Stylus, and Workforce printers.  Please click on the photograph below for more details...
We also sell specially formulated dye and pigment ink for use in Epson printers.  Why not buy a refill kit from Premium Inks similar to the one below?  This comes with refill ink and syringes with blunt needles.
The above advice is for guidance only.  Consult a professional technician if you are unsure.  
All brand names and trademarks are the property of their respective holders and are used for descriptive purposes only.  The above are Non-OEM products.


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