17 April 2012

New refillable compatible Epson T7011-7014 , T7021-7024 , T7031-703 4 Inkjet Cartridges with ARC.

We have received test sets of these new refillable compatible cartridges to replace T7031-T7034 (standard capacity), T7021-T7024 (high capacity), and T7011-T7014 (ultra-high capacity) for use in Epson WorkForce Pro WP-4015DN / 4025 / 4035 / 4025DW / 4515DN / 4525D/ 4525DNF / 4535DWF / 4545 DTWF printers!
This set has been sent to a loyal customer who will trial the product over the next few days.  In particular we will be testing the auto resetting chip to make sure it is recognised correctly and that it resets itself on an artificial cycle.  As soon as we are happy with the quality we will order stock and make them available at the following links... https://www.printercartridges.net/printercartridgesstore/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=116
Bulk ink and syringes can be purchased from http://www.printercartridges.net/

Update: We ordered two similar sets of cartridges from two different manufacturers for the above printers.  One of the sets was found to be completely successful, however the second set would not reset the ink counter after one cycle.  We will be ordering a limited supply of the working version which will be available very soon from our website.
Successful Set Test Report: 
These cartridges were filled with ink using 10ml capacity syringes.  Because these large reusable cartridges hold more than 80ml of ink; a larger filling device is recommended.  There are bigger syringes available which hold more ink and will save time and potential mess.
The cartridges were inserted into the new Epson printer and were recognised immediately with perfect results.  We left the printer performing a long print run and we are pleased to say that results were consistent with no fading or banding.
Note:  Do not leave the small colour plugs in the air filter chamber as this will stop ink from flowing!

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