11 April 2014

Lubrink 'New Word' seeks inclusion in English Dictionary Oxford / Cambridge

Lubrink, the new concept in printer ink, is starting to make a real name for itself, similar to what Hoover and Sellotape did in the 20th century.

New word requesting inclusion in the Oxford and Cambridge English Dictionary. 
Definition of 'Lubrink' 
Noun: A fluid or viscous substance with added lubricant used for inkjet printing.

Lubrink aims to help prevent blocked print heads by using an added lubricant that continually cleans and lubricates the heads while you perform ordinary printing.

Lubrink is currently the only ink product designed as a dual purpose product; to print and clean at the same time.

The Lubrink logo has just been given a face-lift by the owners.  The colours have been used to separate the different meanings of the name.  The new design has so far received a mixed response but it is hoped that it will eventually receive universal approval from consumers.

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