04 October 2012

New Printer Ink with Lubricant aims to stop blocked printer head nozzle

Lubrink is a new type of printer ink that helps prevent inkjet printer head nozzles from getting blocked (non clogging).  Containing a secret and special formula, the new variation of ink combats this well known problem that effects many printer makes and models from Brother, Canon, and Epson amongst others; particularly those models that contain a fixed or semi permanent print head.

Just like petrol that contains a special lubricant to enhance the performance of cars, this new ink is designed to pass through the inkjet nozzles more easily, lowering the chances of a particle blockage.  In terms of printer nozzles, the gaps where the different colour inks pass are measured in microns, so keeping a clean system is critical to the long term health of a printer.  The secret ingredients in Lubrink not only lubricate, but also clean as they travel through the channels of the printer and onto the paper! 

The manufacturers of Lubrink are keen to stress that this new product will not guarantee against printer ink blockages and using the special ink should be seen as a precautionary measure.  Using this formulation of ink should reduce the likely hood of a blockage in the future and save many printers from early landfill.

A common question when switching to a different type of ink is whether it will cause a change in colour rendition?  In almost all cases colours will appear slightly different from the OEM ink and very slight adjustments may be made if necessary.  However most printer users will not bother changing the printer driver settings to adjust the R/G/B and C/M/Y mix.  The professionals will no doubt create profiles for each model of printer and paper media.

Priced at only a few Pounds more than ordinary compatible cheap Dye refill bulk ink, Lubrink should be a worthwhile investment. Currently only available in 100ml bottles for Brother, Canon, and Epson printers, but will soon also be sold in 1 Litre bottles (early 2013).  Demand is expected to be high from users who are keen to save their printers from early obsolescence.  Supplies may be limited in the early stages of production. 

We stock a wide range of compatible empty refillable printer cartridges that can be used in conjunction with this type of ink.  Our cheap prices include free UK delivery and VAT.

Update:  Lubrink Lubricated Printer Ink Now available in our online store.

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